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SCIENTIFIC-PRACTICAL CONFERENCE "Utilization of renewable energy sources: new researches, technologies and innovative approaches"

2018-09-25 - 2018-09-26









September 25-26, 2018


According to the order of the President of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan №5-68 of March 9, 2018, on September 25-26 of this year, the Institute of Material Sciences conducts a scientific - practical conference on the topic "Utilization of renewable energy sources: new research, technology and innovative approaches."

The scientific-practical conference is devoted to a wide-ranging discussion of issues of modern fundamental and applied research in the field of renewable energy sources, modeling of energy conversion processes, environmental impact, innovative technologies and teaching methods and other relevant topics in the field of renewable energy sources.


Place of the scientific-practical conference:

1-day - Physical-Technical Institute, address: Tashkent, Yunusabad district, Bodomzor Yuli str. 2b.

2-day - Institute of Material Sciences, object «Big Solar Furnace», address: Tashkent region, Parkent district, "Sun" settlement.

The conference will be held in two forms - a report and a poster presentation


During the conference, there are competitions planned in the following categories:

- The best technical development

- The best report presentation

- The best poster presentation

Winners will be awarded a participant certificate and memorable gifts.


The topics addressed by the scientific - practical conference:

1. Systems based on renewable energy sources, in particular wind energy, hydropower, solar energy, biomass, biofuel, low-potential energy of the environment, geothermal energy, wave energy, tidal energy, hydrogen energy, fuel and energy storage;

2. New trends, advanced materials and technologies in the field of renewable energy sources;

3. Policies, strategies, management and marketing in the field of renewable energy sources;

4. Integration of renewable energy systems with the central electric network;

5. Interactive systems used in hybrid networks of renewable energy sources;

6. Technologies for monitoring renewable energy sources;

7. Research and using renewable energy systems in agriculture;

8. Research of artificial intelligence, machine learning and their applications for renewable energy sources;

9. Computational methods for renewable energy sources;

10. Energy saving in the auto industry, electronics, electronic control, etc .;

11. New approaches to illumination and illumination systems;

12. Public awareness and education in the field of renewable energy sources and systems;

13. Intellectual networks and renewable energy sources;

14. Safety of renewable energy systems;

15. Renewable energy systems for "Smart Cities".


The results of the scientific works performed over the last 3 years related topics are accepted for participation in the scientific-practical conference.

Scientific works with expert conclusions can be sent to the electronic address with copies to,


The deadline for submission of scientific papers is July 30, 2018.


The materials of the scientific - practical conference will be published in electronic form (CD and on the website, and selected manuscripts will be published in the international journal Geliotekhnika (Applied Solar Energy) №5-6 2018.


Participation at the conference for foreign participants is free of charge, however, we remind You that travel and living expenses during the Conference should be covered by participants.


Requirements for the materials:

Scientific articles should be devoted to the solution of issues on the topics of the scientific - practical conference and submitted with a conclusion and proposals in the form of a final work. Information on authors should be attached to the materials of the scientific-practical conference. Materials for participation in the scientific-practical conference are accepted in Uzbek, Russian and English.

Number of pages: - no more than 6 pages. (in A4 format)

Font - Times New Roman

Font size: the text is 11pt, the authors' names are 10pt (capital letters, bold), the title of the article is 12pt (capital letters, bold), abstract - 10pt (italics), Literature - 10pt, tables - 9pt, interval-1.

Page boundaries: from the top-25 mm, from the bottom-20 mm, from the left-35 mm and from the right-15 mm.

The names of authors should be placed in the upper right corner of the page.

The title of the article should be written in the center.

A brief abstract should contain up to 50 words and keywords - 5-7 words.

Authors of the article, title, short abstract and key words should be listed on three

Authors of the article, title, brief abstract and key words should be in three languages, at the end of the article the information on authors, and the project number and name should be provided, if this article describes the results obtained in the field of the state or other project.

The valid file formats are .doc and .docx

Articles not respond to the requirements and not passed the review will not be included in the proceedings of the scientific-practical conference. Materials sent for the conference are not returned to the authors.



Chairman: Avezova N.R., Doctor of Technical Sciences, PhTI AS RUz

Deputy Chairman: Mirzayev S.Z., Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, prof., IMS AS RUz

Secretary: Komilov A.G., Ph.D., PhTI AS RUz

Members of the Committee:

1. Zakhidov R.A., Academicianof AS RUz, "Scientific and Technical Center" at JSC "Uzbekenergo"

2. Muminov R.A., Academician of AS RUz, PhTI AS RUz

3. Allayev K.R., Academician of AS RUz, TSTU

4. Bakhadyrkhanov M.K., Academician of AS RUz, TSTU

5. Zainobiddinov S.Z., Academician of AS RUz, AnSU

6. Bakhramov S.A., Academician of AS RUz, AS RUz

7. Abdurakhmanov AA, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Prof., IM AS RUz

8. Avezov P. P., Doctor of Technical Sciences, prof., "ISEI"LLC

9. Iskandarov Z.S., Doctor of technical sciences, prof., TashSAU

10. Ashurov Kh.B., Doctor of technical sciences, prof., IIPLTAS RUz

11. Mukhammadiev M.M., Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor, TSTU

12. Klychev Sh.I., Doctor of Technical Sciences, Institute of Applied Mathematics, AS RUz

13. Khayriddinov B.E., Doctor of Technical Sciences, Prof., KSU

14. Ergashev S.F., Doctor of Technical Sciences, Prof., FerPI

15. Matchanov N.A., Ph.D., "ISEI"LLC

16. Samiev K., Ph.D., BukhSU



1. Avezova N.R., Chairman, Doctor of Technical Sciences, PhTI AS RUz

2. Nurmatov Sh.R., Deputy Chairman, Ph.D., IMS AS RUz

3. Akhatov Zh.S., Ph.D., PhTI AS RUz

4. Mamatkasimov M.A., Doctor of Technical Sciences, IMS AS RUz

5. Abbasov Y.S., Doctor of Technical Sciences, Prof., FerPI

6. Uzakov G.N., Doctor of Technical Sciences, KIEI

7. Yuldashev I.A., Doctor of Technical Sciences, TSTU

8. Razykov T.M., Ph.D., Prof., PhTI AS RUz

9. Tursunov M.N., Doctor of Technical Sciences, PhTI AS RUz

10. Rakhimov R.Kh., Doctor of Technical Sciences, IMSAS RUz

11. Khodzhaev SA, Doctor of Technical Sciences, prof., TashSACI

12. Suleimanov S.Kh., Ph.D., IMSAS RUz

13. Rashidov Yu.K., Ph.D., TashSACI

14. Gaziev U.Kh., Ph.D., PhTI AS RUz

15. Dyskin VG, Ph.D., PhTI AS RUz

16. Akhadov Zh.Z., Ph.D., "ISEI" LLC

17. Fayziyev Sh., Ph.D., IMSAS RUz

18. Mirzabaev AM, Doctor of Technical Sciences, "Mir Solar" LLC

19. Orlov SA, Ph.D., State Unitary Enterprise "MAXSUSTEXTIZIM"

20. Karimov BB, "Thermo Water Electric" LLC.

21. Abdullaev E.T., LLC "Solar Energy Products"

22. Sadikov II, "ERASOLAR"LLC

23. Kuchkorov AA, Secretary, IMS AS RUz

24. Vokhidov A.U., Secretary, PhTI AS RUz

25. Juraev E.T., Secretary, PhTI AS RUz