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We represent our new information partner Journal of Environmental Earth and Еnergy Study

09:49 / 2019-03-05

Since January 2019, the journal has been published in the electronic network version in the field of environmental sciences, geography, geo-energy and energy research (including RES) and publishes original articles on topical issues of geography, ecology, new technologies and resources in renewable energy, theoretical and experimental results on physical, chemical, biological geo-energy, studies of natural energy systems, the study of geo-energy processes in the environment and their interaction, including using information technology, GIS, cartography and satellite monitoring to solve fundamental and applied problems. The scientific articles published in it, thematic reviews and information about conferences, symposia, expeditions and other events are of interest to the Russian and international scientific and educational community: specialists in the field of geography, ecology, economics, international relations, hydrometeorology, climatology, remote sensing Earth from space, development of integrated energy systems based on renewable energy, monitoring, studying and modeling natural and anthropogenic systems and processes.

Publication frequency: four times a year.