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08:24 / 2020-05-26

This is reflected, like other forms of power generation from renewable energy sources (RES), including for personal use, as adopted may 21, 2019 the law of the Republic of Uzbekistan "On renewable energy".

In addition to individuals, using the installation of renewable energy, such as solar batteries or panels, for their homes, the legislation establishes two types of electricity producers. Manufacturers for the needs of legal entities and individuals through the local network and the producers who supply electricity of renewable energy in the national grid.

That is, electricity from renewable (via solar, wind, etc.) can produce not only for themselves but also in order to to earn it. In these cases, it is a relatively new type of business. Legislation to support these businesses, given them the right to enter into agreements for the creation of a local electric networks of renewable energy and the sale of electricity to legal entities and individuals according to mutually agreed prices.

Producers supplying electricity from RES into the national grid, this guaranteed a connection to it. Naturally, where there is a speech about use of renewable energy not for its own needs, but with purpose of business, i.e. the sale of electricity, the laws of business.

As for the so-called producers of the first type – that is, producing solar energy for their own needs, not only do not have any contracts, but there's still and incentive benefits. In the case where they use only renewable energy sources, i.e. complete disconnection from existing networks of energy, the exemption from tax on property of physical persons and land tax for a period of three years (starting from the month of renewable energy).

22 August 2019 approved decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan № PP-4422, which provides additional incentives for using renewable energy. In particular, from 1 January 2020 at the expense of the State budget to individuals will be compensated for one-third of the cost of acquisition when installed in homes solar PV plants (but not more than 3 million soums), solar water heaters (no more than 1.5 million soums), as well as energy-efficient gas-burning devices (no more than 200 thousand soums).

Also provided for the provision of physical and legal entities compensation to cover interest expenses on loans from commercial banks for the purchase of installations of renewable energy sources, energy-efficient gas-burning devices, and boilers and other energy efficient equipment. Currently, the Ministry of energy develops projects of normative-legal acts for the further development of renewable sources of energy, creating additional benefits for the population and entrepreneurs.


source:  Пресс-служба Министерства энергетики