Ахатов Жасур Саидович

Scientific Degree: Ph. D.

Head of the Laboratory of Solar Thermal and Power Installations of the Physical-Technical Institute of the Scientific Association "Physics-Sun" Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

Research Areas Of Interest: 

Renewable Energy Utilization (Solar); R&D of Solar Thermal Systems: Flat plate solar water collectors, domestic solar water heating systems; Flat plate and vacuum tube solar air collectors; Solar thermal water desalination systems – passive and active; Small scale solar PV powered RO desalination systems; Greenhouses (with thermal heat storages); Passive systems of solar heating; Solar dryers;

Heat Storages for Solar thermal applications based on Phase Change Materials;Heat and mass transfer processes in low temperature solar applications; Heat transfer fluids (water, thermal oil, nanofluids); Design, simulation, development pilot projects and testing.


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Phone mob.: (998-90) 917-93-21

Fax: (998-71) 235-42-91

E-mail: jahatov@uzsci.net