Vitaliy A. Butuzov

Degree: Doctor of Technical Sciences on the specialty "Power plants based on renewable energy", Associate Professor.


Professor of Kuban State Agrarian University (Krasnodar), General Director of "Power Technologies - Service" Ltd. (Krasnodar).



Research area: Renewable energy, solar and geothermal heat supply, energy saving and combined heat supply.


Membership in professional associations:


- Member of the Expert Council on Renewable Energy of the Russian Academy of Sciences;

- Member of the Russian Geothermal Society;

- Member of the Committee on Renewable Energy of the Union of Scientific and Engineering Societies of Russia;

- Member of the editorial board of the journals "Alternative energy and ecology", C.O.K. (Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning);

- Member of the Russian Register of Specialists in Engineering Surveys and Architectural and Construction Design.



Total number of scientific publications - 334, including 4 monographs.

Design documentation has been developed and 110 solar installations with a total area of 12500 m2 have been built.