Evgeny V. Solomin

Degree: Doctor of Technical Sciences


Research area: Renewable energy.


Membership in professional associations:


Constant: Philosophy Doctor in Technical Science (Wind Power), Full Professor of South Ural State University (RF), “Electric Stations, Grids and Systems of Electric Power Supply” Department. Director of “Alternative Energy” International Innovation Center (SUSU, Chelyabinsk, Russia). Director General of “Uralmet” Scientific Research Institution (Chelyabinsk, Russia). Expert of Electric Engineering Expert Group of European Commission (Brussels, Belgium).


International: Expert of 7th Frame Work Program and Horizon-2020 (Engineering Panel, European Union, Brussels, Belgium); Consultant in Alternative Energy at Wayne State University (Wayne, MI, USA); Expert-contractor in Renewable Energy Sources at Lawrence Berkeley National Lab (Berkeley, CA, USA); Expert of Strategy Center of Cape Verde Republic (Praia, Cape Verde); Member of Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers IEEE (#92346001).


Russian: Expert of Federal Register of Experts of RF Science and Technology (Russia); Expert of Russian Science Foundation; Expert of "Skolkovo" Innovation Foundation (Moscow, Russia); Expert of Foundation for Assistance to Small Innovative Enterprises – “Umnik” and “Start” (Moscow, Russia); Expert of Russian Scientific Fund (Moscow, Russia); Expert of JSC “RusHydro” (Moscow, Russia); Member of Russian Union of Renewable Energy Sources Usage (Moscow, Russia); Member of Scientific Council of “Alternative Energy and Ecology” Scientific Journal (Sarov, Russia); Expert of Editor Board of “ACTA Press” International Journal (Calgary, Canada); Reviewer of “International Transactions on Electrical Energy Systems” Scientific Journal (John Wiley & Sons, Inc., USA), Member of several Dissertation Councils (Russia); Member of IEEE, etc.




Publications: 200+ (including 20+ patents, 3 monographs, 20+ Scopus and Web of Science papers, 70+ RF papers, 6 methodological brochures) in the following areas: Renewable Energy Sources. Technical, economical, ecological, political, cultural, geographic and other aspects in Russian and English. Electric machines for alternative energy and special application. Marketing and management in alternative energy. Energy saving. Design, development, production, commercializing, start-ups.

In 1993–2015 – Chief of over 20 projects in Russia and USA in wind power, electric and electronic equipment. The results of development are awarded by 33 diplomas, 2 medals.

Under the leadership of E. Solomin, more than 50 Master's dissertations were defended, prepared for defend 5 Ph.D. theses in the RES area.



E-mail: solominev@susu.ac.ru